Richie  award-winning  "Illusion Shows"  combine  magic,  illusion,  music,  dance,  and  audience  participation. 

These  shows  combine  the  highlights  of  Richie  stand  up  shows  along  with  grand  illusion.  Be amazed as people appear and vanish, impossibly stretch their bodies, and more! Illusion shows do require special staging, but are also flexible based on performance venue.


The  Richie Magic Cabaret is full complette  60 minute production.  The  length  of  the  show  can  be  adjusted  to  meet  your  needs. 

Perfect  for  larger  theatre,  casino  showrooms,  cruise lines,  performance  arts  centers,  amusement  parks,  corporate  events.  

This 60 minute show,  you  can  find  5  magic  category,  such  as  -  illusion,  comedy,  manipulation,   general,  and  mental  magia.


No special lighting or staging is needed, this show can work in any venue. The length of the show can be adjusted to meet your needs.

This program  combine  the  mental  magic  and audience  participation. Perfect  for small corporate events,  banquets,  and cruise lines.



This two different doves show  with 10 and 12 doves show you impossible with live animal, doves appearing and disappearing,  dove  levitation  in  the  mid  air just right front  of your eye.  The classical and the Variete doves show  perfect for any venue.



Festival  winner  magic production  the  Richie  Manipulation  show  program.  Special  hand techniques  with  Magic cards with live electric violin music,  billiard balls,  cigarettes,  doves,  and  lot  more.  



Designed  for  Christ mass,  New Year,  or  any occasion  and  selebration  this magic  program,   with  nice  and interested  visual  effect’s,  and special designed  show costumes  and  stage  decorations.



Selection of Comedy show programs, with audience active participation of the stage comedy and fun.  Excelent for any age,  and any kindle stage conditions, with minimum staging. 


3 times 30 minute Close-up Magic program, with intensive talk with card’s, coin’s, bill’s, ring’s, etc.

  The last program set for teaching a couple of interested card movement and trick.